Our Vegan catering menu is customizable with pricing starting at $60 per person. If you would like to make any substitutions or changes please contact us with more details and we will be with you shortly.






Vegan Food Catering Menu in Houston, USA

Keifs Catering offers quality, healthy, and tasty vegan food events in Houston. We offer vegan catering meals that are plant-based but look and taste like traditional dishes foods.

We believe that vegan catering is not limited to salads and beans, among other things. Numerous delicious foods make it easy to decide what to eat. We believe that vegan catering should not be expensive, so all our Vegan catering menu packages are affordable and within your budget. 

Our gourmet vegan food catering services can help you take your next event to the next level with our Keifs Catering services. Contact us today

Vegan Event and Corporate Catering Menu Service

At Keifs Catering Services, we understand that everyone's taste is different.

Our vegan catering services menu includes: 

  • Feature richly flavored.
  • Plant-based meat alternatives that taste like traditional dishes.
  • Classics like mac and cheese and meatloaf.

Affordable Vegan Tasting Menu with Prices in Houston

At Keifs Catering Services, we pride ourselves on delivering tasty and quality catering services that set new standards and retain the old ones. A Houston favorite, the affordable vegan-tasting 

The menu will give you a fine dining experience without the expensive price tag. 

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Important: You can add a tasting session for $250 when placing your order. This fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from your final bill if you complete your order with us.

Thank you for your order. Let us gather the perfect ingredients to create a delightful dish for your event.